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Kit Cartridges 3 levels 9-3/4 inches

Reference - PR-KIT3NO

Pack of cartridges purifier with 3 levels

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KIT CARTRIDGES 3 LEVELS : sediment + 2 carbon


Pack of 3 Cartridges 9 3/4 inch to filter household water before drinking the tap.

This kit allows you to replace cartridges purifier 3 levels under the kitchen sink.
The first cartridge filter out suspended solids, and the following 2 retain chlorine and bad taste.
Carbon filters are different so that the water passing therethrough to be filtered differently.
They must change every year as possible in order to keep their continued effectiveness.
These are the standard cartridges for drinking treated water upstream.

The last cartridge filter block all coal dyestuffs, bad taste, odors, pesticides and chlorine present in the treated water network.

Lifetime : 6000 - 900 max or 1 year
Cartridge length : 10 inches = 248 mm



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