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Kit triple pollution filters Overseas 9-3/4 inches
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Kit triple pollution filters Overseas 9-3/4 inches

Reference - KI-CHARB-OM

Filters for drinking water filtration station in the West Indies and Reunion

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Kit of cartridges to properly treat drinking water with the presence of heavy metals and harmful substances.

These three cartridges can be installed in your triplex filters 9 inch 3/4 special to treat water consumption of the whole house. This consists of a pre-filter for impurities greater than 10 microns, a cartridge contaioner containing activated carbon with KDF, to treat heavy metals and some bacteria, then a last cartridge of 5 microns coal for smell, pesticides and chlorine.

These cartridges are to be installed in your filtration system at the general water inlet of the house. They filter your water for daily use (shower, toilet, washing machines, kitchen for washing vegetables). If you want to strengthen the filtration for drinking water, you can choose a compact purifier on sink to improve the taste or a double purification under sink in case of presence of nitrates.

The spun cartridge placed at the entrance of the water in the triplex can hold sand, pollen, dust and algae.
The second cartridge is a container containing silver-based activated carbon with 300 g of KDF. It aims to eliminate bacteria, heavy metals and enhance the elimination of chlorine in the water,

Be careful, these cartridges are not compatible with the classic 9-3 / 4 inch triplex.


Composition of the cartridge kit :
- Spun cartridge 10 micron 9-3/4 inches
- Cartoiuche 9-3/4 container Activated carbon + KDF
- Coconut carbon cartridge block of 5 microns

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