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Automatic diffuser 250 ml + Radio remote control

Reference - EQ-OEQ-01038

250 ml aerosol diffuser with remote control

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Aerosol 250ml diffuser with radio remote control to remove and reduce flies, mosquitoes and ticks into the house and local livestock.

It allows you to receive 250 ml aerosols sold in supermarkets to perfume and combat flying insects.
The diffuser is effective both inside and outside from 20 m3 to 40 m3. based on air currents.
It must be installed high on a cabinet in the room or a cupboard in the kitchen in case of use inside.
To properly position the unit outside, it should be placed at maximum 1.50 meters in the table at a height of 2 meters. I f you have a table of 6 people, it should put a diffuser at each end by scheduling the broadcast at 5 minute intervals, with single or double emission pulse.
Moreover, it is advised to use the aerosol reinforced Mouch'Clac natural pyrethrum because it contains a higher percentage of active ingredient than its competitors.


Keep flying insects permanently open window even in summer.

It is the only model of remotely programmable diffuser to change the pulse frequency of 5 to 30 minutes depending on the time of day.
You can also stop the remote control.


Applications : place of life, business premises, stables, patio, barn, goat rearing, clubhouse, equestrian center, restaurants, bar, pub.


Operation :
After positioning the aerosol, the diffuser automatically emits a pulse.
You can also program the time to spray transmit pulse: single, double or triple.
You can select the operating mode: day, night, 24 hours.
Batteries included.



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