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Automatic distributor Basic + aerosol insecticide 400 ml

Reference - DBASIC-40

Automatic Diffuser 400 ml aerosol insecticide

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The broadcaster MAXIPROG automatic and natural pyrethrum spray 400 ml

Broadcaster automatically running 2 batteries LR22 - 9 V.

It allows to distribute natural pyrethrum insecticide in the room to protect against flying insects: flies, mosquitoes, moths, wasps ...

Features :
Runs on either 12 H/24 H, 24 H/24 H depending on the type of insect you want to eliminate and prevent them returning to the room.
For a kitchen, it is best to protect it from 7 am to 19 H, as flies and wasps are attracted in summer by food (sugar, jam, melon, fruit juice, strawberries ...).
For a room, the device operates in the dark, to keep away mosquitoes in a room of 100 m3 or 35 m². the smell is very pleasant, since the natural pyrethrum and mixed with an essential oil of vanilla.
Once programmed, the broadcaster Maxiprog insecticide sprays regularly.
Changing the recharge :
At the end of life of the aerosol, the window shows 00 days. If the aerosol is not replaced, the device will shut off automatically and will beep every 10 seconds.

Life of recharge :

- 35 days, 70 days or 96 days depending on the chosen intervals during the spraying program.
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