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Natural Pyrethrum Aerosol Auto hit harder 250ml

Reference - IN-PYR-91024

Aerosol insecticide for local closed

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Pyrethrum spray against flying and crawling insects to treat large volumes.

The insecticide is a shock treatment to natural pyrethrum.

It is suitable for professional and home use.
Its special tab allows self hitting the aerosol to let it drain into the closed room deal.
Dissemination of insecticide can be interrupted at any time, then be reactivated in another room.

For controlled release :
Press lightly on the tongue.

For a total circulation :
Ask the aerosol in the middle of the room to be treated. Close windows, doors and vents. Check that no food is in the open air. Press to lock the tab to trigger the release.

To stop, simply lifting the tab.

Volumes :
- Up to 600 m3 for flying insects
- Up to 300 m3 for fleas and spiders
- Up to 100 m3 for cockroaches and bedbugs

Product compatible with organic farming.

Composition :
- 6g/kg natural pyrethrum

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