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Spray the natural pyrethrum 250 ml by 3

Reference - PA-B250-P3

Set of 3 aerosol pyrethrum all summer

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Properties and performance

- Effective in all enclosed places.
- Fragrant.
- Effective for a volume of 100 m3.
- Not toxic to humans and pets.
- Insect repellent and shock effect on all flying and crawling insects.
- Capacity 250 ml.
Examples of application

- Individuals: primary or secondary home, conservatory, lounge, kitchen, terrace, health, workshop.
- Professionals: health, waiting room, offices, receptions, corridors, locker rooms, restaurants.
Ideal for handling the horse boxes against flies and horse flies, for deposits of grain for organic bakers.


- Works with most devices currently on the French market.
- Set the aerosol in the placeholder.
- If you use it with the Maxi program, see the datasheet to know its life on the table.
The product is recommended for use in a place without too many drafts in order to have maximum effectiveness. Ideal for clubhouses in the riding, because the flies no longer fit into the room where the device sends the enhanced natural pyrethrum every 8 or 16 minutes.

Composition of the aerosol

- 1,69% Pyrethrum Natural Pure Vegetable or 6.76% pyrethrum extract 25%, or 11.29 grams.
This product can be used in kitchens or rooms where stored food. Can be used in the presence of pets.

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