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Smoke insects PROFYR CARE15g

Reference - PRO-FUMC

Total professional disinfestation safe and easy.

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PROFYR Care Insecticide - Easy and Safe Elimination of Insects.


Need to rid your space of harmful insects? PROFYR Care Insecticide is the ideal solution. Whether you are in a home, a community or an industry, our professional insecticide is designed to meet all your needs.


Features :

  • Versatility: Usable in all places, public or private, with or without health constraints.
  • Safety: Simple and non-dangerous instructions for use, allowing you to use it even in your absence.
  • Zero Risk: No dangerous combustion or propellant gas, ensuring safe use.
  • Maximum Effectiveness: Treats up to 250 cubic meters and eliminates a broad spectrum of insects.
  • Penetrating Action: Its powerful penetrating effect reaches even the most difficult to access places.
  • Cleanliness Guaranteed: No stains or deposits left after use.


Effective Against Wood Bugs:

Our PROFYR smoke is particularly effective against wood bugs present in attics.


Composition :

Cyphenothrin: 7.2% m/m (cas no.: 3915-40-7)
Geraniol: 0.001% m/m (cas no.: 106-24-1)



Crawling insects: 30/40 m² - 70/100 m³ by PROFYR
Flying Insects: 50/100 m² - 125/250 m³ by PROFYR


Manual :

Make sure to evacuate unprotected plants, animals (including fish) and food beforehand.
Carefully close exterior doors and windows.
Protect dishes and food.
Open the doors, cupboards and drawers inside the room to be treated.
If using multiple PROFYR fumigators simultaneously, start with the areas furthest from the exit.


How to use it :

Open the cover to remove the red metal can inside.
Fill the plastic can with water to the level indicated by the dotted lines. Do not exceed this level.
Place the metal can into the plastic one.
Quickly evacuate the room within two minutes as the broadcast begins. Reoccupy the premises after 4 or 5 hours, giving the product time to act. Ventilate for 10/15 minutes upon re-occupation of the premises. To treat bedding, wait 12 hours before reuse. It is recommended to wash food and kitchen utensils exposed to treatment with water. Don't let insects ruin your space. Opt for PROFYR Care Insecticide today for effective and safe elimination.


Precautions for use
Use biocides safely.
Read the label and product information before use.
H242: May ignite if heated.
H334: May cause allergic or asthma symptoms or breathing difficulties if inhaled.
H315: Causes skin irritation.
H318: Causes serious eye damage.
H335: May irritate the respiratory tract.
H410: Toxic to aquatic organisms, causes long-term adverse effects.

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