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Smoke insects Profyr 15g

Reference - PRO-FUM

Total professional disinfestation safe and easy.

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Smoke-free indoor gas against all types of crawling and flying insects.

Profyr is effective against cockroaches, fleas, bedbugs, flies, mosquitoes, moths and spiders.
This hydro-reactive fumigator treats a volume up to 100 m3 and 200 m3 crawling to flying.
It should be used in closed rooms without people, not animals without plants.


Instructions :
- Close all doors and windows.
- Open all doors, closets and drawers of the places you are treating.
- Open the lid and remove the red metal can.
- Fill the plastic water cans to the indicated level.
- Mettrer red plastic bobbin in plastic lboite.
- Leave the room, fumigation begins 1-2 minutes.
- Allow the product to act for about 4 hours.
- Ventilate for 30 minutes.
- Wash food or dishes that remained exposed to the product.


The benefits of insecticide fumigant :
- Simple and easy to use.
- No combusion or dangerous projection.
- Broad spectrum of insects destroyed.
- None normally task and deposits.


Composition : Cyphenothrin 7.2%

Use biocides safely.
Read labels carefully the product information and use the necessary protections.


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