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Insecticide powder diatomaceous land - 1L with blower

Reference - IN-DIA-00030

Natural insecticide for pets and farmyard

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Insecticide totally ecological and natural fine powder that helps to fight against insects and crawling primarily on pets.

It is very effective on insects such as cockroaches, silverfish, ants, bed bugs, flea, cockroach, spider beetles, centipedes, beetles, earwigs, red mites ...
The special bottle with blower powder advertises correctly and evenly.

You can use it on cats, dogs, chickens and birds, but also in the reserves of grain to prevent insect contamination of the stock.
The powder is completely edible by man.


Diatomaceous ground is natural fossil career based on microscopic marine algae.
The action of this insecticide is purely mechanical and is carried out by absorption of lipids and abrasion of the outer shell of insects, by sharp micro-particle diatomaceous earth and then by internal dehydration.
Insects, larvae and eggs will die from the 3rd day after the application.


There is no possibility of resistance in insects.

This natural insecticide is recommended when treating the habitat of pets against the red lice, ticks, bedbugs, formis ...
It can be used to retain the grains in the storage tanks.


Dosage and method of use :
Apply Rap'Clac Diatome 20 - 30g/m² in areas frequented by crawling insects: window edges, low doors, closets back under the sink, behind the refrigerator, in the niche of the dog in the cage of the bird and other places where insects can pass.
It will renew the operation under regular moisture.

In a henhouse, must be applied 30 to 40 g/m² after the first treatment, and then repeat the operation within 8 days.
The third treatment will do in the next 15 days.

For the interior of the house, one can sprinkle diatomaceous earth on carpets, on the carpet or fabric sofa especially if you have a pet that comes to bed.


Composition :
Diatomaceous ground (silica 88g / 100g)


Does not contain chemical.
Keep out of reach of children.
Avoid breathing dust during el'utilisation.

Use biocides safely.
Product compatible with organic farming in accordance with Regulation EC 834/2007.

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