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Aerosol insecticide pyrethrum reinforced 400 ml
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Aerosol insecticide pyrethrum reinforced 400 ml

Reference - PAR-400-MAX-R

Botanical insecticide special high dosage farms

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Insecticide aerosol reinforced pyrethrum plant to keep the flies and mosquitoes in rooms with animals.

It is used exclusively in the Basic 400 diffuser to evenly distribute the insecticide into the air volume of the room to be protected.
Its concentration of pyrethrum plant is more important than the classic pyrethrum spray, but it is advisable to use a different type of product to achieve a good result on the fly during the full summer season.
Each aerosol is intended to operate for 35 days with a spray approximately every 12 minutes.

Pyrethrum is effective against all flying insects, flies, mosquitoes, hornets, wasps.
During mosquito season, we can advise you to do a pretreatment with special tiger mosquito spray.

Attention, for some people, the smell of this can be annoying. In this case, using conventional spray.

The natural insecticide used in agriculture, in the midst of sheep, cows and pigs.
It is used within a local or in covered places without drafts.


Properties and performance
- Effective in all open areas.
- Slightly fragrant.
- Effective in a volume up to 100 m3.
- Its use is not toxic to humans and pets.
- Repellent and shock effect on all flying insects (flies, mosquitoes, wasps).
- Capacity of 400 ml.


Application examples
- Individuals: main or secondary home, veranda, living room, kitchen, terrace, bathrooms, workshop.
- Professionals: health, waiting room, offices, receptions, corridors, locker rooms, restaurants.

Ideal for treating horse boxes against flies and horseflies cereals deposits for Bio bakeries.


- Position the aerosol into the slot.
- If you use the Basic programmable diffuser 400, see the datasheet to know its usage time on the board.

The product is recommended for use in a place without too drafty, in order to have maximum efficiency. Ideal for houses clubs in riding schools, because the flies do not fall over in the room where the device sends the natural reinforced pyrethrum every 8 or 16 minutes.


Composition of the aerosol
- 21 g / kg of pure plant natural Pyrethrum.

During the regular spraying of pyrethrum by the automatic distributor, the cloud, thousands of microcopiques drops, forms a curtain in front of the opening (door, window, bay window) to avoid flying insects to enter the d pièce.Afin having maximum efficiency, it is advisable to set the camera on automatic Maxiprog 35 days and 24 H / 24 that disperses the product every 12 minutes throughout the day to keep the flies and wasps and all moustiques.pour night for a campaign in use, close cows or sheep, it is advisable to treat the frames scope and window with the dam insects.

Specific Recommendations: This product is an insecticide, it is advisable not to direct the jet towards people, animals, aquarium or food.
It is not toxic for children as long as the room is well ventilated.

Do not spray on an open flame.


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