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syringe Stop Blattes Blat'Clac Gel 10 ml

Reference - IN-OIN-08007

Frost decoy to fight cockroaches.

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Contact insecticide gel double action against cockroaches and cockroach adults, larvae and eggs.

The main active ingredient is a powerful low dose insecticde versatile in that target the insect nervous system.

The gel is mainly used on cockroaches, so as not to affect other insects, such as bumblebees and other endangered species.

It also contains a substance which regulates growth, to prevent the entire procedure for larval development cycle. It blocks the adult transformation, so never give insects able to breed.


The difference with other anti-cockroaches gels is that it is very effective faster using less product.


Manual :

Place one drop every 2-3 meters insect passages or places where they gather.
It is advisable to extend the treatment until you have more insects.


The insecticide gel destroys all types of cockroaches and cockroach (Eastern, American ...).

Its composition based on Spinosad acts by contact and ingestion.Il be applied in many humid and warm areas of your home or apartment.


Properties and performance of the syringe :
- Insecticide treatment interior residential premises.
- The cockroach who tasted the product goes into its colony, and died after a few hours.
- The other individuals in the colony are contaminated in turn by eating excrement and body of their congener reached.
- Efficacy of 3 months.
- Syringe 10g is planned for an area of ​​30 m² for a cure.
- This is the only bait that acts on individuals in contact and the remote colony "ricochet".
- Blat'Clac does not stain, does not smell.
- It reaches even the cash hidden in their shelter.
- Easy and quick application with the syringe.
- Effective against: cockroaches, cockroaches, German cockroaches, striped, Oriental, American ...


Precautions :
- Do not apply near food and beverages.
- Leave out of the reach of children.


Before use, read the label and product information.

Composition : Imidacloprid 2.5%, S-methoprene 0.25%, 0.001% bittering, adjuvants (palatable version).



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