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Insecticidal spray can pyrethrum 150 ml

Reference - PA-150-01

Spray the natural pyrethrum all flying insects

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150 ml aerosol use natural pyrethrum in the mini-basic diffuser to spread the insecticide in the air.

He sprayed an effective insecticide against flying insects such as flies and mosquitoes present in summer.

Automatic diffuser that receives the aerosol must be programmed to spray the insecticide as often as possible above the entrance or window, to ward off any insect.
The formula is the same as the aerosol pyrethrum 250 ml.
Small, it can accommodate many professionals who wish to use a discreet perfume or insecticide in an office or waiting room.
During the winter period, it will be possible to replace it with a natural fragrance to the flowers to spread soft and pleasant scents.


The basic-mini professional information is available in our shop.


Aerosol characteristics 150 ml :
- Effective in all professional interiors: dining room, offices, gym.
- Light vanilla scent and pleasant.
- Effective in a volume up to 60 m3.
- Its use is not toxic to humans and pets.
- Repellent and shock effect on all flying insects (flies, mosquitoes, wasps).


Application examples :

- Professionals: hotel room, waiting room, offices, receptions, hallways, locker rooms, restaurants, medical office.
- Individuals: living room, conservatory, kitchen, camper, mobile home, holiday rental bungalow.


Instructions :
- Works with the programmable mini-basic diffuser.
- Position the aerosol into the slot of the diffuser.
- Life according to the programming of the diffuser.
The product is recommended for use in a place without too drafty, in order to have maximum efficiency. Perfect for club houses in equestrian centers, as flies do not fall over in the room where the device sends natural pyrethrum reinforced every 8 or 16 minutes.


Aerosol composition :
- 0.45% pure natural plant Pyrethrum or 6.76% pyrethrum extract 25%, or 11.29 gr.

This product can be used in kitchens or rooms where food is stored. Can be used in the presence of domestic animals.

During the regular spraying of insecticide pyrethrum programmable by the broadcaster, the cloud, thousands of microcopiques drops form a curtain in front of the opening (door, window, bay window) to avoid the flying insects to enter the room .


Specific recommendations :
This product is an insecticide, it is advisable not to direct the jet towards people, animals, aquarium or food. It is not toxic to children as long as the room is well ventilated.
Do not spray on an open flame.


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