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Rat poison Brodifacoum Strong 25 PPM 5 Kg
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Rat poison Brodifacoum Strong 25 PPM 5 Kg

Reference - RD-BRD-69001

New rodonticide line with professional standards based on Brodifacoum in case of addiction

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Very powerful bait to eliminate a strong infestation of rodents in rural areas.
It is offered in bulk in a 5 kg bucket for use in bait boxes for large rats. It is suitable for treating livestock or agricultural buildings. This rodenticide is intended to perform a shock treatment, after using other ineffective products. It will also make it possible to plan to alternate brodifacoum with bromadiolone in 50 PPM.


It is a means of accelerating the destruction of a colony of resistant rats or mice.

This shelled oatmeal formula must be used in a secure bait box in an agricultural or recycling center. The bait based on brodifacoum is effective by single and repeated ingestion in wet environments. The bitterness agent in Denatonium Benzoate is not detected by rodents, but only by domestic animals and humans, which limits the risk of accidental absorption. Rats and mice will die day after day without being noticed in the colony.


Our advice :
Multiply the bait stations in case of heavy infestation, since rodents eat little food, in general, so there is little chance that the same rodent will return to the same endrot several times.
It acts as a powerful anti-coagulant, in order to eliminate the colony of rats in a few days after ingestion. It is best to use it after a versatile rat poison with difenacoum or bromadiolone to determine the extent of the infestation.


Instructions and instructions :
- Against the rat: Put 90 to 100 g of cereals in the bait box. Separate the boxes every 5 to 10 meters depending on the rodent species.
To be used only in the bait box secured by a key.
- Against mice: Put 25 g of oats every 3 to 5 meters.
Place the box on the paths most frequented by rodents and in places which are not likely to be flooded.
Do not apply directly to burrows.
Check and restock bait stations every 3 to 4 days while the bait is consumed. Remove dead rodents and dispose of them according to the rules laid down.


Composition : Brodifacoum 0.0025% and bitter


Precautions for use :
- Wash hands after use.
- Do not breathe dust from cereals.
- Keep only in the original packaging.
- Do not discharge the product into the environment.
- Wear appropriate equipment if possible, a mask and a pair of gloves.
- Use biocides with care. Before use, read the label and product information.


Precautionary advice :
S2 - Keep out of the reach of children
S13 - Keep away from food and drink including those for animals
S20 / 21 - Do not eat, drink or smoke during use
S24 / 25 - Avoid contact with skin and eyes
S46 - If swallowed seek medical advice immediately and show the container or
the label.

Use biocides with care. Before use, read the label and product information.
This product can only be sold to professionals with a biocidal number or to farmers.


AMM N °: FR-2015-0002

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