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Control Wheat + Crushed Corn Bromadiolone 5 Kg Versatile
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Control Wheat + Crushed Corn Bromadiolone 5 Kg Versatile

Reference - RD-BRM-44010

Versatile bait for rats, mice and field mice

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Bait two bromadiolone cereals to attract rats and mice to the storage rooms.

The active ingredient is suitable for all rodents including large rats. The difference with rat poison 3 cereals is the target you want to touch.
It is suitable in all places where there is an accumulation of waste, such as the trash room or the packaging depot to recycle. Reinforced cereals are intended to control rodents in outdoor areas.
Offering flavored wheat and corn helps to prevent habituation. This rodent dries the rodent from the inside to prevent it from rotting in a corner of the farm building. CONTROL WHEAT + CORN treats private or livestock buildings. The time required for the appearance of the effects of rat poisoning is 3 to 11 days after the first ingestion of the bait.
It is advisable to alternate professional rodenticides by replacing the active ingredient with brodifacoum at 12 ppm.


Areas of application :
Breeders, farmers, grain farmers, bakers, food storage areas, restaurant cellar, hotel loft, cottages, country house.


Application methods - Dosage :
- Against mice: 25 g per bait station to be dropped every 10 meters.
- Against field mice: 25g per bait station, placing them every 2 to 5 meters.
- Against rats: 50g to 100g per large rodent baiting station by depositing them from 5 to 10 meters depending on the target species and the level of infestation.
It is strongly recommended to use bait stations to protect wildlife and pets. There is a risk of intoxication in the cat and the dog.


AMM FR2014-0175 at 0.005% Bromadiolone.


Tips :
- Position baits in areas frequented by rodents.
- Keep the oat pail in bulk in a dry, tight place.
- Place the bait in a non-flood zone.
- Refill the bait stations regularly after the first application, every week as long as the bag of oats is consumed.
- Remove dead rodents and dispose of them according to the prescribed rules.


Precautions :
S2 - Keep out of reach of children
S13 - Keep away from food and drinks including those for animals
S20 / 21- Do not eat, drink or smoke while using
S24 / 25 - Avoid contact with skin and eyes
S46 - If swallowed seek medical advice immediately and show this container or
the label.
- Wash your hands after treatment


Use biocides carefully. Before use, read the label and product information.
This product can only be sold to professionals with a biocidal number or to farmers.

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