» » » » Special cereal bait for the fight of field voles - 5 Kg
Special cereal bait for the fight of field voles - 5 Kg
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Special cereal bait for the fight of field voles - 5 Kg

Reference - RD-ORD-05004

Radical solution to avoid damage caused to crops and meadows by voles

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Fast and effective treatment based on cereals to eliminate voles in crops.

It targets the three varieties of voles that are found in agriculture, such as the Agreste vole, the field vole and the red vole. It can be applied in all crops and meadows where the vole may decide to occupy it. This concerns viticulture, forestry, vegetable or fruit crops and plantations.
Ratron GW is a ready-to-use bait with fast and long-lasting action. It can be applied with a cane specially designed to deposit the cereals in the holes. It is resistant to rain and cannot germinate.
Thanks to its new formulation, the active ingredient contained in cereals acts only upon ingestion, in order to avoid the suspicion of rodents, while offering additional safety.
After ingestion, zinc phosphide is transformed into phosphine in the stomach of the vole, following the action of gastric acid causing rapid death within 1 to 3 hours depending on the size of the animal. Once the rodent is dead, the active material will be completely broken down, so as not to cause secondary poisoning.


Manual :
The dose per hole is 5 grains. The application should be repeated until the nbe bait is no longer consumed. Do not exceed 2 Kg / ha.
Can be used under cover.


The strengths of Ratron GW:
- It is the only rat poison approved for use in agriculture.
- The concentration of active material is 3 times greater than the equivalent product.
- Formulation 5 times more effective than the old GL.
- Shock action, then rapid degradation of the active material.


Active ingredient :
Zinc phosphide: 2.5%

Use reserved for professionals with Certiphyto.

AMM number: 2170698

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