» » » » Bucket of Oats shelled Bulk Difenacoum - Cereox-DF 10 Kg
Bucket of Oats shelled Bulk Difenacoum - Cereox-DF 10 Kg
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Bucket of Oats shelled Bulk Difenacoum - Cereox-DF 10 Kg

Reference - RD-DIF-40008

Versatile effective rat poison on rats and mice on a farm

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Raticide in bulk with effective difenacoum inside and around buildings.

Hulled cereals with oats, have a versatile action on rats and mice in private, public places or farms. It is this raticide that must be used when you do not know the type of rodent that invades your property.
The 10 kg bucket is suitable for professional and agricultural use with certification.
It is advisable to multiply the bait stations, in order to increase the chances of feeding a large number of rodents.
The attraction of this bait is effective on mice and rats guaranteeing an action. Rodents die quickly after ingestion even after several weeks of treatment.
Rat poison affects both young people and adults.
It is necessary to wait between 6 and 20 days after the beginning of the anti-rodent treatment to see the effectiveness of the biocide.


Application areas :
Breeders, farmers, grain farmers, bakers, food storage areas, restaurant cellar, hotel loft, cottages, country house.


Manual :
- Against mice: 1 dose of 25g per bait station spaced every 4 meters.
- Against rats: 75g to 100g per bait station special large rodents spacing 5 to 10 meters depending on the species and the level of infestation.
It is strongly recommended to use bait stations to protect wildlife and pets. There is a risk of intoxication in the cat and the dog.
Homologation n ° 8500214 (SEC Sarl) with 0,005% of Difénacoum.
AMM: FR-2013-013


Tips : 
- Do not open the sachets.
- Position baits in areas frequented by rodents.
- Place the bait in a non-flood zone.
- Refill the bait stations regularly after the first application, every week as long as the bag of oats is consumed.
- Remove dead rodents and dispose of them according to the prescribed rules.


Precautions :
"Use biocides with caution Before using, read the label and product information".

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