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Rat Oatmeal bromadiolone 5 Kg Special mice
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Rat Oatmeal bromadiolone 5 Kg Special mice

Reference - RD-BRM-40049

Rat poisoner for farmers effective on field mice

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Application areas :
Breeders, farmers, grain farmers, bakers, food storage areas, restaurant cellar, hotel loft, cottages, country house.


Application methods - Dosage :
- Against field mice: 25g per bait station, depositing them every 2 to 5 meters.
- Against rats: 50g to 100g per baiting station special big rodents by depositing 5 to 10 meters depending on the species and the level of infestation.
It is strongly recommended that bait stations be used to protect wildlife and pets. There is a risk of intoxication in the cat and the dog.

AMM FR2014-0175 at 0.005% of Bromadiolone.

- Position bait in areas frequented by rodents.

- Keep the oat pail in bulk in a dry, tight place.
- Place the bait in a non-flood zone.
- Refill the bait stations regularly after the first application, every week for as long as the bag of oats is consumed.
- Remove dead rodents and dispose of them according to the rules.


Precautions :

S2 - Keep out of reach of children
S13 - Keep away from food and drinks including those for animals
S20 / 21- Do not eat, drink or smoke while using
S24 / 25 - Avoid contact with skin and eyes
S46 - If swallowed seek medical advice immediately and show this container or
the label.

- Wash your hands after treatment


Use biocides with caution. Before use, read the label and product information.

This product can only be sold to professionals with a biocidal number or to farmers.

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