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Filter Housing 20 inch Big Blue 1 Inch

Reference - PR-AQF2050-1

Filter holder in opaque 20-inch high output

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Filter housing to handle large volumes of water at a time, to the general entry of the house or building.
As with input and output 1 inch, just put a plumbing connection to connect to water pipe.
It is possible to install a bypass pipe, with bypass, in order to change the filter cartridge 20 inches without cutting the water.
It is used to filter water from the house, because his cartridges 120 to 130 m wide is ideal.
It is housed in many applications : purifier, reverse osmosis, water softener, water fountains ...
The filter housing is made of polymer high quality food, Meets FDA and EEC, with a button decompression for bleeding.

It is used for filtration of suspended solids in drinking water, drilling or rain.
Its height of 10 inches can be adapted to many types of cartridges.
It is designed to ensure maximum safety of water filtration for drinking and also for the development of other liquids.

A bracket support (bracket) will help you install your easily port-filter.
A special wrench is provided for easy screwing and unscrewing of the main part of the room, to replace the cartridge and clean the filter holder.
The O-ring is FTE. 
You can install it in series to make a succession of different filtrations : sediment, bad taste, bacteria viruses. 
Height : 515 mm
Width : 180 mm
Maximum pressure : 7 bar at a temperature of 20°C
(tested at a pressure of 21 bars)
Input / Output 1 inch : 25 mm
Maximum water temperature : 40°C
Types of cartridges : 20 inch Big Blue from 1 to 100 microns
Max Flow to optimal filtration : 8 m3 / h (depending on cartridge installed)
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