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Filtration Anti-Pollution YdroKalk - KDF + IPSE

Reference - PR-YDRO-IPSE

Ecological water softener for home

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Ecological filtration system anti-scale to filter hard water throughout the house.

Complete treatment attractive for treating salt-free electricity and the use of potable water dometique price.

This system provides an ideal water for drinking and daily hygiene for the whole family.

It has a double filtration for sediment and harmful chemicals with an entry of 1 inch.

This guarantees a pure chlorine-free water in your bathroom shower and toilet baby.
This device cleanses the existing scale in all your household water from the shower, heating, household needs, drink, cumulus consumption...

It is a device, which also suspended the existing scale since limestone molecules disintegrates. This eliminates the as limescale deposits on the pipe to make
It is capable of processing the different degrees of hardness of the water without the use of sodium chloride. The waste will be quickly removed without the need for solvents or other powerful detergents.


Ydrokalk does not change the feel of the water as traditional softeners and stimulates plant growth through the catalyst by penetrating deeper water in the soil, which will limit the amount of fertilizer used.
It has the function to make drinking water from a pure quality and protect the pipe from the house against limescale.

This filtration is a great ecological and economical alternative : the majority of chemical and bacteriological water pollution are indeed eliminated, and it offers the added advantage of being able to treat all the water in a home. No more hassle and cost of bottled water, jugs or other reverse osmosis filter.

Composition filter housing Big Blue 10 inch :
- 1 spun sediment cartridge 5 micron to remove sediment, sand, rust and suspended solids.
- 1 cartridge granular activated carbon with KDF 300 g to remove heavy metals, iron, chlorine, THMS, insecticides, pesticides and herbicides.
Both cartridges are food grade NSF, CE and American Water Quality standards.

It is advisable to change the 5 micron sediment filter anti-1 to 2 times per year depending on the turbidity of the water and about every 2 years for the Big Blue + KDF cartridge coal.
Input / Output 1 Inch BSP fittings (26/34 mm)
Width : 440 mm
Height : 440 mm
Depth : 200 mm
Metal stand with bracket for wall mounting.

Anti-scale equipment Ydrokalk provided :
- 2 Filter Housing BIG BLUE 9-3 / 4 inch (1 year warranty)
- 2 gauges oil bath for each filter housing outlet pressure cartridges.
- 1 key for dismantling doors filter
- Screw for wall fixing
- 1 IPSE ecological anti-limestone (10 year warranty)
- 1 cartridge spun BB 5 micron sediment
- 1 cartridge BB Activated Carbon with KDF 300g

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