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Standard filter housing 20 inchs 3/4 inch Brass

Reference - P53-MON-20T

Filter housing 20 inch ACS translucent

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Comes with key clamping and wall bracket


Filter housing 20 inches classic to filter the double amount of water the filter holder 9 3/4 inches with the same input.

The body of the filter housing is transparent to control saturation substances of cartridge 20 installed sediment inch.
With input and output brass, it can be installed on certain industrial water systems with a brass fitting.
It is used in many household and industrial sectors to filter impurities, chlorine, nitrates or aluminum depending on the type of filter.

Filter housing with 3 pieces is made in France with ACS standard, mandatory in the agri-food sectors, with good quality materials.

On a barge, it will be connected in series with 3-4 different filtrations after 6 GPM UV to destroy germs.


Its height of 50 centimeters to use the following types of cartridges 20 inches: anti-sediment 1-25 microns smooth or pleated cloth or carbon.
It is designed to ensure maximum safety of water filtration for drinking and also for the development of other liquids.
A bracket for wall mounting is supplied pourl'installer easily.
A special installation tool is provided to ease the screwing and unscrewing of the main part of the room, in order to replace the cartridge and cleaning the filter carrier.
It has an O-ring is replaceable FTE.
Depending on the intended filtration, simply select an appropriate cartridge model.
In case you want two different filtration fineness, you have the option of having a 25 micron washable cartridge first, and wound into a cartridge 5 microns respectively.
Height : 508 mm
Width : 133 mm
Maximum pressure: 5 bar at a temperature of 20°C
(tested at a pressure of 21 bars)
Maximum operating temperature: + 5° to + 45°C at a pressure of 3 bar
The flow rate will depend on the type of cartridge used.

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