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Pleated cartridge Big Blue 20 inches 25 microns
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Pleated cartridge Big Blue 20 inches 25 microns

Reference - PR-APP2045-25

Washable cartridge Big Blue 20" high speed drill

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Special high flow


Washable cartridge for drilling large special rate filter holder Big Blue.

She is able to be reused up to 10 times depending on the filtered liquid.
It is made of high quality polyester, ensuring the best value for money.
The cartridge filter suspended solids in excess of 25 microns, responsible for turbidity water sludge, sand, mud, dust, rust, algae ...
It is necessary for many domestic and commercial applications, providing a high level of porosity and guarantee optimum filtration efficiency.
They are made with a vinyl plastisol specially formulated with food components.
They do not contain cellulose fibers and will not become moldy in contact with water.
Filter material : high quality Polyester
Length: 20 inches - about 502 mm
Central rigid PVC frame with holes
Max temperature: 60 ° C
pH: 3-11
Tip type DOE (Double Open End = open at each end)
Available with different pore sizes: 1, 5, 50 inches on request.

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