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Carbon KDF purifier Big Duo 9-3/4 inches

Reference - AQFBB-10-KDF

Twin filtration of impurities and activated carbon with KDF

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Big Duo filtering station for the water treatment of a house with the presence of heavy metals.

The two Big 10 inch filters are installed at the general water inlet of the house to supply all the water points, WC, bathroom, watering.
The first special impurities cartridge retains materials, such as pollen, sand, mud, dust larger than 5 microns. It is suitable for water with low sediment loading from a treatment or drilling station provided that it has been filtered correctly at the outlet of the well.
For the second cartridge, the mixture of activated carbon granulated with 300g of KDF allows a satisfactory treatment for chlorine and chlorinated substances, but also to reduce the presence of many heavy metals, mercury, lead, aluminum in raw water or drilling.
This filtration system is sufficient for a family of 4 on a network of 3 m3/hour to 4 m3/hour.

It is possible to add to this big duo system an ecological anti-limestone treatment effective to make the limestone less corrosive on piping and household appliances using water.

The cartridge replacement kit with KDF is available in our shop.


Dimensions of the Big Duo:
Width: 380 mm
Height: 440 mm
Depth: 200 mm
Metal bracket with wall bracket.


Materials Provided:
- 2 BIG-BLUE 10-inch filter holders (1 year warranty)
- 2 oil-filled pressure gauges for each filter holder, the pressure at the outlet of the cartridges.
- 1 key for removing the filter holders
- Wall mounting screws
- 1 spun BB cartridge sediment 5 microns
- 1 Activated carbon cartridge with 300 g of KDF

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