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Cartridge water filters are essential equipment to guarantee the quality of your clean water in industry. Whether you are concerned about impurities, bacteria or impurities in the water, a cartridge water filter can help you get better and safer water for your machine tools or mechanical parts manufacturing. How can the quality of your water in your industry be improved with cartridge filters?



What is a cartridge water filter?


A cartridge water filter is a filtration system that uses cartridges of different sizes to remove impurities or bacteria from the water. These cartridges can be either in polypropylene or with filtration membranes below 1 micron, to retain the elements before entering a machine tool or a production line, thus providing clean and healthy water. Filter cartridges are used in many sectors, such as the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, the automotive industry and many others.


The benefits of cartridge water filters


  • Removal of physical and chemical impurities: Cartridge water filters are effective in removing harmful substances such as solids and bacteria that may be present in the water when your business arrives.
  • Sediment Reduction: Cartridge filters can also remove sediment and suspended particles from the water, such as sand, clay, and rust. This helps prevent clogging of household appliances, such as coffee machines and kettles, and extends their lifespan.
  • Protection against bacteria and microorganisms: Some cartridge water filters are specially designed to eliminate bacteria, viruses and parasites that can contaminate drinking water. This provides additional protection against waterborne diseases and keeps you pure when manufacturing parts for the electronics industry.


How to choose the right cartridge water filter?


When choosing a cartridge water filter, it is important to consider several factors, such as the water flow needed, the type of contaminants in your water, and the life of the cartridge based on volume of water consumed during the day. Be sure to check the product specifications and choose the one that best suits your specific needs.


There are several models of cartridge filters for industry:

  1. Standard 9-3/4 inch or 20 inch filters
  2. Big 9-3/4 inch or 20 inch filters
  3. Multi-cartridge filters from 20 inches to 40 inches


The importance of regular cartridge replacement

To maintain the efficiency of the cartridge water filter, it is crucial to replace the cartridges regularly according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Cartridges wear out over time and lose their ability to effectively filter contaminants.


What types of filter cartridges can be used in these filters?


Depth filter cartridges

The depth filter cartridges are made of polypropylene to retain particles throughout their thickness. They are composed of intertwined fibers and offer a high capacity for retaining impurities. Depth filter cartridges are effective for filtration of viscous and particulate laden liquids. They have a size between 20 inches and 40 inches.


Washable cartridges

The washable cartridges are made of either nylon or stainless steel to be easily cleaned with a jet of water. After several washes, they are then replaced. These washable cartridges are available between 30 and 250 microns depending on the model. They are installed in the filter at the water inlet before the finer filter cartridges.


Membrane filter cartridges

Membrane filter cartridges use a thin membrane, between 0.2 and 0.02 microns, to retain particles and contaminants. They are commonly used for the filtration of liquids with low viscosity and requiring precise particle retention.



Cartridge water filters are necessary equipment in an industry to guarantee the quality of your water all year round. Whether you're concerned about impurities or bacteria in the water, a water filter with cartridges can help you achieve cleaner, safer drinking water in your business.



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