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Cartridge Activated carbon + Sediment 9-3/4 Inch - 20 microns

Reference - PR-SWC10-20

Filter cartridge double action mixed sediment and activated carbon

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Cartridge adapted to well water, rain, home network, or a first step in effective filtration.
Double Action filter cartridge both suspended solids and chlorine.
This cartridge allows external prefiltration to 20 microns and an activated carbon filtration to 10 microns.
Replaces economically and charcoal filtration coil actif.De addition, it can help you save money by placing only one filter holder instead of a double.
The sediment filtration allows filtration of all impurities in water: mud, dust, sand, rust ...
Activated carbon removes taste and odor of chlorine, THMS (chlorine derivative), insecticides, pesticides, chlorine.
She usually supersedes all year, but it is better to change every 6 months depending on the water quality of the network.
Cartridge with a good value for money: Special discount when you buy 3 packs
It is suitable for all water: water from rain, well, home networking.
Used in a filter holder 9" 3/4 and 10, ie between 248 mm.
It can make the water clearer.
It is suitable for various types of filtration or pre-filter, purifier, reverse osmosis for drinking water and the food élaroration.
Dimensions :
Inside Diameter : 28 mm
Length : 9 - 3/4 Pouce = 248 mm
Diameter : 63 mm
The cartridge is NSF certified.
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