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Cartridge container Anti Lead - Carbon - Silver 10 "

Reference - PR-UPF-KSC

Bactericidal carbon cartridge with 200 g of KDF

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Post-osmosis cartridge multilevel filtration high performance with 200g KDF against the lead and aluminum.

It filters all chemicals and toxic substances in drinking water.

It is placed in a double level purifier or filter in your sink.

It consists of four different ingredients : coal, Coconut , KDF and money.

It replaces in some cases ceramic cartridge with activated carbon.


The coconut activated carbon material is very thin and porous high adsorption capacity, obtained by carbonization plants or minerals such as wood , peat, charcoal , coconut.
The fineness of the activated carbon filter allows good.

The important part of making the KDF cartridge performance for all heavy metals, lead, mercury, iron, barium, aluminum and hydrogen and other metal sulfate.

Pure natural silver powder 99.99% a disinfectant and antiseptic necessary for bacteriological water treated little power. It effectively fights against the development of virus.


The effectiveness of the cartridge container is maximum for shallow water treated.


It is recommended for the treatment of municipal water network.
The KDF is composed of a mixture of copper and Zing high purity.
It is suitable for all filter holder 9 3/4 inch transparent and opaque of all brands.

Compliant with FDA (Food & Drug Administration)
Length : 9 3/4 inches = 250 mm
Diameter : 72 mm
Operating temperature : 5 - 60°C



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