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Anti-nitratres cartridge container 10 inches

Reference - MON-CANTN934

Anti-nitrate filter cartridges for special

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The cartridge contains a specific anti-resin to remove the nitrate ions NO3 water during filtration.

It is used in domestic water treatment systems, under sink purifier or filter station for freshwater aquarium.
For nitrate are adequately removed, it is necessary that water is in contact as long as possible with the resin.
It is necessary to a dirt-collecting cartridge 5 microns, just prior to slow the flow of water.

When installed on a water purifier to drink, it is best to put forward a block carbon filter so that the bad taste released by the resin is completely absorbed.

The diameter of the container is smaller than the conventional model because it fits perfectly into our French manufacturing filter body.

It is important to monitor the nitrate level before and after filtration to provide the replacement or regeneration of the resin in nitrates.


Dimensions of the cartridge :
Length : 9 3/4 inches = 248 mm
Diameter : 72 mm



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