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Micro filter cartridge 0.45 micron 9 3/4 inches Polyray

Reference - PR-POLYRA945

Ultra fine 0.45 micron filtration for 9 3/4 inch filter housing

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Micro filtration cartridge 0.45 micron 9-3 / 4 inches Polyray


0.45 membrane fiber cartridge used to retain water impurities before rinsing equipment.

It is adaptable to the classic 9-3 / 4 inch filter. It should be installed last of the pre-filters and carbon cartridges. It will protect the rinsing machine for transparent glasses or utensils.
It can filter all types of food liquids, such as oil, wine or syrups.
The Polyray cartridge is designed for use, in a wide range of general process applications. It is manufactured using high impurity loading fiber polypropylene. It is resistant to a large number of chemicals.


Advantages of the cartridge :
- High flow rate and low pressure drop
- Reduces operating costs
- Absence of pressure constraints in a treatment system


Application areas :
- Food and drinks
- High-tech coatings
- Photography
- Waste
- Fine chemicals
- Demineralized Water
- Process water


Service life : Depending on the flow rate and the viscosity of the liquid
Maximum pressure: 5 Bars
Composition: Polyprpylene
End caps: DOE
Length: 9 3/4 inches = 248 mm
Diameter: 63 mm

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