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Condensate neutralizer cartridge 9-3/4 Inches
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Condensate neutralizer cartridge 9-3/4 Inches

Reference - MN-C934-NEUT

Treatment of condensing boiler condensate

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Cartridge container filled with granules to neutralize the condensate discharge of the boiler.

It eliminates acid condensates before discharge in the all-to sewers.
French regulations prohibit the discharge of acidic water into the wastewater network (the Environmental Code art. 16-6 L2).
Condensates, although qu'assimilés wastewater must be discharged after treatment (DTU No. 60-1: NF P16-250).


A condensate neutralizer is strongly recommended when releases are made on incompatible elements with high acidity of condensate, eg copper piping, cast iron, asbestos cement or concrete or in a septic tank.
If nothing is done, the pipe pierces rapidly (between 1 to 3 years depending on the fuel and the amount of condensate) causing a leak.

Each condensing boiler user is free to choose not to install to.
The operation of a condensate neutralizer is extremely simple. Water flowing from the condensing unit through a small reservoir containing beads granules compounds of calcium or magnesium carbonate that will make up the pH of the water and adjust the 6 to 8.


Cartridge installation :
The acidic condensate neutralizer 9 3/4 inches moves into the opaque filter holder without insert the condensate drain line.

Length : 250 mm = 9 3/4 inches
Diameter : 72 mm



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