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Cartridge container Silver Coconut Carbon - KDF 9 3/4 Inch

Reference - PR-UPF-KS

Cartridge with activated carbon coconut high quality with KDF

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This cartridge is for a cleaner and below sink for the treatment of water or reverse osmosis.

Activated carbon is a porous material with high adsorption capacity, obtained by the carbonisation of plants or minerals such as wood, peat, charcoal, coconut. Activated carbon is available in powder or grain. Its surface area is considerable: the order of 1000 m2 / g. Used in water treatment for the removal of tastes, smells, micropollutants (phenol, heavy metals, hydrocarbons, detergents, pesticides, etc. ..).


The KDF renders inoperable all heavy metals, lead, mercury, iron, barium sulfate, hydrogen and many other metals.

The natural silver 99.99% to a disinfectant, antiseptic and bacteriological necessary for shallow processed. He fights effectively against the development of viruses.

The efficiency of the cartridge container is maximum.

Silver ions are harmless to humans and has no side effects.

The fact that activated carbon removes contaminants from water by adsorption and catalytic reduction is due to a process involving the attraction of negative ions of contaminants by positively charged ions of carbon.

Organic compounds are removed by adsorption and residual disinfectants such as chlorine and chloramines are removed by catalytic reduction.

The filtration of water through activated charcoal can also reduce or eliminate the bad taste and odors.

It is recommended for the treatment of city water.


The KDF is comprised of a mixture of copper and Zing great pureté.Il contains no chemical additives and are 100% recyclable. Their basic function is to eliminate or greatly reduce the unwanted molecules in the water such as chlorine, iron, hydrogen sulfide and other heavy metals (mercury, lead, chrome ...)

It also reduces the growth of bacteria, algae, fungi and microorganisms. They also act on the calcium and magnesium carbonates.

To water heavily loaded with suspended matter, we recommend an additional pre-filtration with a cartridge spun sediment 25 to 5 microns.

The KDF ® is certified and meets NSF standards and public safety, which provides an additional warranty.


High performance triple filtration levels 1/3 KDF + 1/3 coconut charcoal (coconut flakes) + 1/3 silver


It is suitable for all filter housings 10 inches.

Depth filtration

Low pressure drop

Meets FDA (Food & Drug Administration)


Length : 10 inches

Diameter : 72 mm

Operating temperature : 5-60°C
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