» » » » » Ceramic cartridge 0.2 micron 9-3/4" standard
Ceramic cartridge 0.2 micron 9-3/4 standard
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Ceramic cartridge 0.2 micron 9-3/4" standard

Reference - PR-S-10-02

Antibacterial Ceramic cartridge 10 inch standard

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MICRON CERAMIC CARTRIDGE 0.2 Standard : 10 Inches


Hollow ceramic cartridge 0.2 micron filter for bacteria and viruses present in the water.

Removes all impurities contained in your water.

Suitable for systems on and under the kitchen sink.



Sand, mud, silt, parasites, pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

The filtration is extremely fine ceramic filter with 0.2 μ (through tiny pores of ceramic).
The ceramic filter is a system of water purification (total) all by himself to use on an occasional
to treat the water collected in rivers.
The ceramic filters, as well as fibrous filters, trap asbestos fibers, some parasites and bacteria, but they are not sufficient to disinfect the water by their action alone!
For example, a ceramic filter is not able to retain the dissolved chemical contaminants such as sodium. There are charcoal cartridges mid and mid ceramic.
This cartridge will also replace conventional ceramic cartridge (0.9 microns) in a double-purifying filter for retaining microorganisms even smaller and thus reduce risk.
Size of cartridge :
Length: 24.5 cm
Diameter: 5.2 cm
Hole diameter: 2.7 cm
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