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Cartridge Charcoal Chlorine Plus 9 3/4 Inches 1 Micron
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Cartridge Charcoal Chlorine Plus 9 3/4 Inches 1 Micron

Reference - PT-255416-43

Charcoal filter for chlorine reducer and chloramines

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A charcoal cartridge for greatly reducing the presence of chlorine and chloramine present in the water to fill a storage tank.

Its structure retains very fine sediments, including the fine particles of coal found in many granular coatings. This activated carbon cartridge uses an improved activated charcoal technology that increases chlorine reduction.
It can equip all the filters of the range having a tank of 9 inches 3/4. It is suitable for a large number of domestic and industrial applications, for the treatment of drinking water or drinking water. It can be used in the food industry to prepare dishes, in some cases where the chlorine has to be removed


Application areas :
General filtration, drinking water purifier, water filtration before tank, boat fittings, domestic reverse osmosis.


The filtration efficiency of this cartridge is 85% nominal.
The performance depends on the proper sizing of the treatment system. For an initial concentration of 2 ppm at 228 L /H, the Chlor-Plus cartridge reduces the free chlorine level below 0.5 ppm for a volume of 380 m3 of treated water and below 0.1 ppm for a volume of water of 266 m3.


Technical characteristics :
- Operating temperature 5 to 51.7 °C
- Activated carbon in extruded powder: charcoal
- Polypropylene tips
- Seals: Santoprene
- Filtration degree: 1 nominal micron


Dimensions of the cartridge :
- Length: 248 mm
- Width: 73 mm

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