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Carbon cartridge block 0.5 micron 9-3/4 inches

Reference - MN-CARB93-05

0.5 micron cartridge activated charcoal special bad taste

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Coconut carbon cartridge 0.5 micron to reduce the effects of bad taste of drinking water.

It will be used to equip the kitchen purifiers, under sink or sink in the regions of metropolitan France or in the DOM-TOM.
It is suitable for filtering drinking water, as it improves taste and smell. It can be placed alone or after pre-filtration.
It is suitable for many 9-3/4 inch filter holders. It is best to test the cartridge on the general water system, as it may slow down the flow in some cases. You can replace it with the 0.5 micron high-speed cartridge.
In the case where the filtration system 2 or 3 filters, it is possible to put this anti-taste cartridge after a 1 micron carbon cartridge.

It guarantees an ultra-fine filtration of chlorine at a flow rate of 240L/min.

In addition to filtering chlorine, smell, taste, pesticides and herbicides, it has an anti-bacterial action on bacteria and viruses.


Dimensions of the cartridge :
Length: 248 mm = 9 3/4 inches
Diameter: 65 mm
Width of the inner hole: 27 mm

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