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Activated carbon cartridge 93/4 inch

Reference - PR-APC10

Activated carbon block cartridge 10 inch standard

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Activated carbon, in this cartridge is widely used to adsorb impurities in the filter. It will adsorb thousands of different chemicals. Activated carbon is carbon which has a slight positive electrical charge, making it attractive to chemicals and impurities. When water passes through the activated carbon, negative ions are attracted contaminants on the surface of carbon granules.
The effectiveness of activated carbon filtration is due to the amount of coal in the cartridge and the number of hours that the contaminant is in contact with it. 


The fact that activated carbon removes contaminants from water by adsorption and catalytic reduction is due to a process involving the attraction of negative ions of contaminants by the positively charged ions of carbon. Organic compounds are removed by adsorption and residual disinfectants such as chlorine and chloramines are removed by catalytic reduction.

Filtering the water through activated charcoal can reduce or eliminate bad taste and odor, chlorine and many organic contaminants in water supplies (pre-treated or chlorinated) to produce a municipal drinking water improved significantly.

The activated carbon filters remove / reduce many volatile organic chemicals, pesticides and herbicides, such as chlorine, benzene, radon, solvents and other synthetic chemicals found in tap water. The cartridge is also effective for removing heavy metals that is. In addition, activated carbon filters remove particles block around 0.5 micron, including Giardia and Cryptosporidium, turbidity.

The active carbon cartridge does not remove sediment and other particulates. It is best to install it after a sediment pre filter will prolong the life of your charcoal canister by removing contaminants that clog the raw activated carbon and thereby reduce the area available for adsorption. In this case, contact us for information on the Dual filtration faucet available on request.

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