» » » » » Carbon cartridge FLOPLUS 0.5 micron Pentek 9-3/4 inch
Carbon cartridge FLOPLUS 0.5 micron Pentek 9-3/4 inch
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Carbon cartridge FLOPLUS 0.5 micron Pentek 9-3/4 inch

Reference - PT-4555903-43

Bactericidal charcoal cartridge special high speed and presence of cysts

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Coconut carbon cartridge of 0.5 micron ideal to significantly improve the filtration quality of the taste with a high flow rate.

This cartridge can generate extremely low pressure drops and high flow rates comparable to 10 micron carbon cartridges. Its efficiency is so important that the 0.5 micron filtration threshold is possible to filter bacteria, cysts and very small particles, in order to produce pure and safe water.
This cartridge model is very useful in regions where the quality of taste or smell of water varies greatly depending on the season, such as Guadeloupe, Martinique or Reunion.
The cartridge is ideal for applications where pressure drop and low pressure have been problems with activated carbon filtration.
It allows deep filtration to remove unpleasant tastes and odors. Its filtration capacity can reach more than 35000 liters of water at 3.8 L / min.


Compatibility : Transparent and opaque 9-3/4 inch filter housings.


Technical characteristics :
- Active material: Activated carbon in fine powder (CAP)
- End caps: Polyethylene
- Maximum dimensions: Length: 9-3 / 4 inches = 248 mm - Width: 2-7 inches = 71 mm
- Adsorption capacity: 22700 liters at 2 mg / l of free chlorine
- Temperature: 4.4 ° C to 80 ° C
- Core: Polypropylene
- Psi: 2 = 0.1 bar
- Filtration: 0.5 nominal micron
- Compliance: NSF - FDA
- Seals: Santoprene
- Duration of use 6 to 12 months depending on the original quality of the water.

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