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Pack of 3 cartridges granulated carbon 10 inches

Reference - PR-UPF10-P3

Pack of 3 cartridges coal against the bad taste

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This type of activated carbon cartridge fits all filter housing 10 inches of omoseurs and purifier for aquarium water and drink.

This filter is effective in retaining pesticides, particles of rust, chlorine, odor and taste, but also all subjects over 20 microns.

The filtered water can be used for the food industry.


The cartridge filter granular activated carbon is in all cases with osmosis systems filter 10".
This filter cartridge ozone, pesticides, rust, limescale particles, chlorine, reduces the concentration of heavy metals such as lead and copper. The activated carbon is very effective and is used by the industry.


This cartridge is installed, in general, a cartridge just before carbon block, to improve the water quality.
It should be replaced every 9000 liters or 1 year maxmimum.

Max. Water pressure : 6 bar
Max. water : 50°
Max flow : 720 l / h
Efficiency : 95%
Length : 254 mm = 10 inches
Inner diameter : 27 mm
Diameter : 68 mm



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