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Filtration Water Barge

Having a system to produce drinking water on board a barge is not an unnecessary luxury when you want to pump water from the canal. Thanks to such a system, you can take a shower and drink tap water or make coffee just like at home. Plus, it gives you the ability to cook on the boat and flush the toilet. But what do you need for a drinking water installation on board? We will help you choose the right products.
In our daily life, we use a lot more water than we think. On average, we use about 130 liters of tap water per day.


What models are available to make your water drinkable?

The water you want to get at all water points on your houseboat should be clean. That is to say, it does not contain chemicals, particles and bacteria. Today, it is possible to purify water in several different ways.


20 inch cartridge filters

Cartridge filtration is often suitable for small households or for seasonal use in the summer. The filter cartridge can be made of different materials depending on what you want to filter. It is easy to install, however, multiple cartridges may be required to filter various substances. It is prudent to know the quality of the water you want to pump.


The high-speed water treatment plant

This system works like a small river water treatment plant, in order to retain all chemical substances, impurities and also bacteria without going through a UV filter. But to protect your filtration system, it is advisable to place one or two bag filters upstream, in order to extend the life of the ultra-micro filtration membrane to 0.02 micron.

You are convinced and you want to get started in the filtration of your barge's water? First consider carefully what types of uses you decide to install filters for. It is extremely important that the water is not contaminated by the spillage of chemicals. Therefore, pay attention to selecting the right drinking water filtration for your houseboat.

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