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Water treatment plant for Barge - Ultrafiltration

Reference - STULTRA-PEN

Complete canal and river water treatment plant for barges

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Complete filtration system to treat river water on a barge.

When the barge is isolated from a drinking water point coming from the pontoon, it is difficult to treat the water of a canal or a river to make it fit for consumption. A series of cartridge filters will not be able to remove enough chemicals and impurities, because the quality of the water pumped will never be the same depending on the region. In addition, a sterilizer is not capable of treating intestinal coliforms present in river or canal water. This is why 0.001 micron membrane filtration is the solution for consuming optimal quality water for washing, toilets and showers.

This filtration system uses a pocket pre-filter to recover solids greater than 150 microns, then an ultra-microfiltration membrane to produce up to 2200 gallons per day according to your needs.
It is equipped with a 100 liter pressurized tank to serve as a buffer stock for drinking water for immediate consumption.
The water purification unit for the barge is based on a stainless steel structure.


Composition of the filtration station :


Sand filter

  • Bottle 10 X 54
  • Mechanical Fleck 5600 Valve
  • 25 liters of sand
  • Bypass
  • Miscellaneous accessories


1000 GPD ultrafiltration unit :
- Mounting on stainless steel frame
- Booster pump 230 volts - 50 hz
- Membrane holder 4040
- 4040 ultrafiltration membrane
- Function manager and start-up
- Production flow meter
- 100 liter pressurized tank


For transport outside France, contact us.


Haeight UF 0.02 µ150 CM                    
Depth UF 0.02 µ80 CM
Width UF 0.02 µ40 CM
Bottles à média1 bottle 10X54 - 25 X 138 CM
Valves generation1 valve Fleck 5600 mécanique
Consommation électrique746 W
Consommation électrique746 W
Intensity3.4 A - 5 A démarrage
Production journalière10000 Gal - 38750 - 40000 L


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