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Double filters 20 inches with transparent housing - Input 3/4 inch

Reference - DTR20P-34

Treatment station with dual 20-inch transparent tank

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Water treatment plant consists of 2 filters with large transparent housing.

This duplex system 20 inches is the solution to filter drinking water is coming from the recovery of rain water, drilling, basin or tank.
You should use this model if we want to install filters with very fine impurities, because the amount of water in the jar that will be treated twice a Model 9-3/4 inches with a filtration area 4 times greater.
As one can put a 1 micron sediment cartridge without loss.


If you wish to consume well water, it is advisable to carry an anti-germ treatment through ultraviolet sterilizer 12 gpm, even if the water used for toilet and shower.

The filtering station can receive all types of cartridges 20 inch diameter standard 65 mm to retain the sludge, sediment, chlorine, heavy metals according to the composition of the filter.

The input and output 3/4 inch brass to connect perfectly on the domestic drinking water system of the city.
It is supplied ready to install with its plastic housing for wall mounting and stainless steel hardware to support filter head.

The key is essential to mount and unmount the opaque jar that contains the filter cartridge to be replaced every year. Provide a water stop valve before filters to avoid cutting the overall water.
If you want to add a filter housing 20 inch to complete filtration, consider your needs and the amount of water to be filtered each day.

Dimensions :
Width : 350 mm
Height : 530 mm
Depth : 140 mm
Maximum pressure : 7 bar
Compatible cartridges : 20 inch standard filters

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