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Filter 9-3/4 inch opaque special boat In/Out 3/4

Reference - SF-BA934-34

Filtration of water from a pontoon to fill the tank of the boat

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Special filtration for your garden hose to filter the water used to fill the tank of a boat, a camper or to water plants.

It is designed with the purpose of using it to filter either suspended matter or to remove a chlorine odor or other, in order to make the city water or borehole of better quality. You can install all types of cartridges with a length of 9 3/4 inches among the different categories.
You have a wide choice of anti-impurity polypropylene cartridges between 100 and 1 micron depending on the original quality of your water. The tips attached to the nipples on each side of the filter, are adaptable to the fitting of your garden hose. Just press it down to connect it.
This filter holder is composed of an opaque white tank which avoids allowing the light to pass through, resulting in the formation of photosynthesis around the cartridge. The head does not have a brass insert on the 3/4 inch thread. This is necessary when this filter is exposed to the sea air, so as not to oxidize the brass.
For the filling of a water supply on a boat or motorhome, it is advisable to put only one anti-impurity cartridge. It is important to stock water containing chlorine to prevent the growth of bacteria. If you want to remove the chlorine for drinking water use, it is best to install an activated carbon filter just at the sink.


Material provided :
- Filter with tank 9-3 / 4 inches In/Out 3/4 PPH
- Clamping wrench
- 2 male-male nipples 3/4
- 2 adapters for water hose connector

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