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Filter 20-inch Houseboat + ultraviolet 12GPM - In/Out 3/4"

Reference - MN-QUA34-UV12

Quadruple special filtration plant raw water from the Canal de Provence

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Full of raw water treatment system with 4 levels of filtration 20 inches for use throughout the home or houseboat.

This special pack ready to install and is ideal for consumption of a family for the bathroom, toilet and laundry.
It is necessary to use both filtering the solid and chemical materials, and at the same time the bacteriological elimination with a UV lamp 40 Watts.

Each transparent filter housing, you can put the cartridges that match the desired result. That is why it is best to do an analysis of the water as targeted as possible.
We recommend placing a washable filter first, in order to regularly wash the nylon mesh 60 microns. To complete this filter, it will use a block carbon filter made from coconut. Choose those pure 100% and with the KDF to treat heavy metals.
With filter housings by 20 inches, can be lowered down to 1 micron without loss.
Ultraviolet 20/27 with input disinfects water on contact with the UV lamp avoiding the use of heat or chemicals hazardous to the environment. This model is intended for daily use in a home or houseboat with 12 gallons per minute, or 45 liters/min.
It is equipped with an hour meter that indicates the number of operating hours of the lamp.


Replacing cartridges and lamp :
The cartridges can be replaced every year depending on the quality of starting water. In general, it puts a washable cartridge nylon 60 microns upon arrival, but if the boat has a sand filter will be possible to provide a smooth start with 25 micron cartridge.
The UV lamp is changed every 8000 hours.

The entire installation is 3/4 inch, of 20/27 to maintain a high flow rate.

Body of transparent filters certified by the French standard ACS.


Compatible cartridges :
Length: 20 inches = 508 mm
Width: 63 mm
sold empty filter housing.




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