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Triple filter 20-inch Rainwater + ultraviolet 12GPM - In/Out 3/4"

Reference - MN-TRI34-UV12

Filtering station special houseboat and water tank

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Complete system for the filtration of rain water reserve or consumption in a houseboat.

It consists of three housings of 20-inch filter and a UV sterilizer 12 GPM.
Both treatments are complementary because the former allows to filter water and destroys germs second.
It is important to treat rainwater properly if used for showers, dishes and toilets.
In each of the filter holders, we will install the cartridges to reduce turbidity and also eliminate the taste and odor. You can choose from the entire range of anti-sediment 20 inch standard cartridges for suspended solids in the raw water, like algae, sand, mud, plant fibers and pollen. For the last round, we recommend activated carbon block, because water is slightly slowed when are passing, and to better filter the smell, taste and other harmful substances.

With filter housings by 20 inches, can be as low as 1 micron without loss.


The 20/27 input with ultraviolet disinfects water on contact with the UV lamp avoiding the use of heat or chemicals hazardous to the environment. This model is designed for everyday use in a home or boat with 12 gallons per minute, or 45 liters/min.
It is equipped with a meter which indicates the number of hours of lamp operation.


Replacement cartridges and lamp :

The cartridges can be replaced every year depending on the quality of starting water. In general, we put a washable nylon cartridge 60 micron upon arrival, but if the boat has a sand filter will be possible to provide a smooth start with 25 micron cartridge.
The UV lamp is changed every 8000 hours.


The entire installation is 3/4 inch or of 20/27 to maintain a high flow rate.


Materials provided :
- 3 filters In/Out 3/4 with transparent tank
- Mounting bracket
- Assembly wrench
- 12 GPM UV sterilizer

Cartridges not supplied


Width - Height filtration

44 CM - 61 CM                

Depth filtration14 CM
Length sterilizer90 CM
Instantaneous flow max2725 L/H maxi                    
Cartridges size20 Pouces
In / Out connection3/4 Pouces - 20/27
Service temperature2 °C - 50 °C
Pressure max

8 bar

Power supply UV220 V - 50 Htz
CertificationsNSF - ACS - CE
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