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FP3 Filter Housing Transparent Tank 9-3/4 Inch In/Out 3/4 Inch
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FP3 Filter Housing Transparent Tank 9-3/4 Inch In/Out 3/4 Inch

Reference - A2010070

Cold water filter with brass insert

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9 ¾ inch water filter housing: The art of purifying your city water at home.


The water filter housing works with a 9 3/4 inch filter cartridge. This cartridge may be intended to remove suspended matter or to reduce harmful substances from water. The box is connected to the classic pipe of the house in 20/27


How does the 9 ¾ Inch water filter housing work?

  1. Water enters the housing through the inlet nozzle.
  2. The housing then directs the flow of water out of the cartridge.
  3. The cartridge captures and removes all unwanted impurities.
  4. Once the water is free of contaminants, it exits through the outlet nozzle.


Filter characteristics:

  • Resistance of the transparent tank and tightness

It is designed to stand the test of time. Their strength and tightness ensure that your filtration system functions optimally, without leaks or failures.

  • Resistance to Chemicals

It is able to resist the onslaught of chemicals present in the water, to ensure that the water that emerges is pure and free of harmful contaminants.

High water flow with reduced pressure drop
It can provide a constant, smooth and abundant flow of water depending on the type of cartridge used.

  • Pressure relief valve

The pressure relief valve is an asset, ensuring the safety of the system. It allows air to enter before unscrewing the crown.

  • Economical and Certified


These filtration systems are not only cost-effective, but they are also certified by renowned organizations such as NSF, TUV and ACS. This means you can have confidence in the safety of the materials used and the structural integrity of these devices.


Cartridge Compatibility: All 9 3/4 inch cartridges can be used in this case.


Materials provided:

- Transparent tank filter box 9-3/4 inches In/Out 3/4


Options available on the site:

  • Tightening key
  • Single PVC support
  • Set of 4 screws for support fixing



Width Filtration122 MM                     
Height Filtration9-3/4 Inch - 294 MM
Flow max2700 L/H
Pressure max8 Bar
Temperature max50° C
Diameter In/Out3/4 Inch - 20/27
Modèle cartouche H/D9-3/4 P - 248 mm - Diamètre 2.5 Inch
CertificationsNSF - TUV - ACS



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