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Double filter housing 10 Inch Transparent + Support

Reference - PM-DF934

Double filtration softener empty

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Dual water filtration for the general treatment alone or before a softener.

This model filters intalle easily with accessories.

It allows the filtering tailored the original quality of domestic water.

It comes with its bracket with screws, the key for the replacement cartridges 10 inch wound or polyphosphates.
The inlet and outlet 20/27 of the filter holder is made of brass .

His body is composed of 3 parts , one baque clamp to make the filter housing waterproof.

The bowl of the cartridge reservoir is transparent , to easily determine its lifetime .

This system can be used in a water softener before installing it to a cartridge 25 microns and a second of 5 microns , in order to make clearer the water .

In the case of a free softener system , it is possible to double anticalculus filtration of water that protects the circuitry of the house . It can handle all the water pipe network , such as radiators or shower.
Polyphosphate deposit a thin film on the pipe against the deposit of limestone. The second cartridge will filter out impurities from water to 25 microns .
If you want to make the taste more pleasant water without chlorine smell , it will be possible to put a wound cartridge with a heart in granular activated carbon.


This sytem filter is versatile and suitable for all types of household water filtration.


Dimensions :
Width : 340 mm
Height : 280 mm
Depth : 140 mm

Maximum pressure : 7 Bar
Compatible cartridges : 9-3/4 Inch

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