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Filter Housings 9-3/4 Inchs

9 ¾ inch water filter housing: Filtration suitable for individuals at home.



Features of the 9 ¾ inch water filter housings:

Before purchasing a water filter housing, you need to know the features. Paragon Water's water filter housings have many good features. These include:

  • Superior strength and waterproofing
  • Chemical resistance
  • High flow rates with minimal pressure drop
  • Pressure relief valve and in-head valve option
  • The filtration system is very economical
  • NSF and ACS certified. This ensures material safety and structural integrity.

You can find a wide variety of models with different inlet/outlet fittings.


How does a water filter housing work?

The water filter housing is used with a filter cartridge to remove impurities and harmful substances from water. The housing itself does not participate in the filtration process. First, the flow enters through the inlet nozzle of the housing. Then the housing directs the flow to the outside of the cartridge. This is where the filtration takes place. Once the water is free of the desired contaminants, it exits through the outlet nozzle. They speed up the filtration process by promoting higher water flow.


Why should you install a water filter housing in the house?

You may be wondering why it is important to install a water filter holder. There are many benefits to installing a drinking water filtration system at the entrance to your home.
When it comes to municipal water treated with chlorine, the 9 ¾ inch filter holder is ideal for removing a little taste and odor upon entry with a coconut activated carbon cartridge. You can also reduce impurities with a coil cartridge.
When it is for rain or borehole water, it is necessary to determine the filtration system adapted to your needs.

Water filter housings, especially whole house systems, offer versatile high-capacity filtration. Since they are designed for a maximum flow rate of 2700 L/H, they can remove solid elements with ease.
If the water flow is high, you will have a solution by installing large capacity water filter holders. They can also withstand variations in water pressure.


Everything You Need to Know About Water Filter Housings

Water filter housings are casings around your filter cartridge that direct the flow of water. In this article we will answer the most frequently asked questions about our water filter housings.

The different types of water filter housing tanks
Water filter holders come in two categories: filters with transparent bowl and filters with opaque bowl. This will depend on the location of the installation and the type of liquid to be filtered.

Remember that while it's easy to install water filter housings on your own, it's best to leave this to the professionals.


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