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Reverse osmosis membrane 700 GPD - 3012

Reference - PR-MBAQ-700

Membrane osmosis 150 GPD aquarium or fountain

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MEMBRANE 700 GPD RO 3012 :


The 700 GPD membrane is the heart of any domestic direct-flow reverse osmosis system.

It allows to supply a quantity of pure water of 1.5 m3/day for a professional of the aquarium or another industrial application.
The 3012 membrane retains all harmful pollutants in water with a size of 1/100000 micron.
This model is suitable for the Aquapro direct flow osmosis model.

This membrane uses the most advanced technology and membrane film manufacturing processes.
It offers high stability to rejection even with high TDS.


Advantages of the 700 GPD membrane :
- High quality for consistent and reliable performance
- Standard dimensions to accommodate commonly available housings of many 3012 (ROWA, DENNERLE, JBL, RONDEX, AQUAPRO, BLUEFILTERS) membrane carrier brands
- Reduced consumption of chemicals and longer life


Application areas :
Restaurants, aquariums, Main residence, hotels, hospitals, pharmaceutical, humidification, manufacturing, bottled water, food preparation, ice cream makers.


Dimensions :
Length: 11.57 inches = 294 mm
Diameter: 3 inches = 76.2 mm



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