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Ultra micron-filtration membrane 0.02 micron 1812
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Ultra micron-filtration membrane 0.02 micron 1812

Reference - ULT-MB1812

Micro-filtration UF membrane for drinking water from spring or filtered water

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0.02 micron ultra-filtration membrane designed to treat water that has already been treated for drinking and cooking.

It will make it possible to filter borehole or spring water requiring final filtration to retain bacteria or viruses, but also faecal coliforms. It cannot be used on a classic cartridge water purifier without making some modifications to the water circuit. It looks like an osmosis membrane, but the difference is that the ultra-filtration membrane rejects only 40% of the volume produced.

This membrane must be used in the 1812 membrane support, like that of the reverse atomizer. If you wish to modify your purifier into an ultra-filtration system with a 0.02 micron osmosis membrane, you will need to add specific accessories. It is necessary to choose its filtration carefully before crossing the membrane by using cartridges to reduce bad taste, odor, chlorine, harmful substances, such as heavy metals, nitrates or pesticides, because the membrane 0.02 micron does not retain them.


The ultrafiltration membrane has an effective function to remove suspended substances, bacteria, escherchia coli, coliforms.


What is ultra-microfiltration of drinking water?

Interest in membrane-based drinking water processes has increased significantly in recent years. This is partly because awareness has grown about the need for good barriers against microorganisms, and also because new production methods have made membranes an economically reasonable alternative.

The 0.02 micron membrane can be used to solve most quality problems in the preparation of drinking water or for drinking. It will be necessary to filter the faecal coliforms present in spring or rainwater, in order to avoid having to boil it to destroy all the germs.

Ultra-microfiltration is a membrane separation technology that uses differential pressure, which can filter rust, sediment, suspended solids, colloids, bacteria, macromolecular organic substances and other harmful substances in water without retain mineral elements beneficial to the human body. It is the central element in the production process of mineral water and mountain spring water. The water recovery rate in the ultrafiltration process is over 95%. In addition, it has a relatively long lifespan. Purifying drinking water with ultrafiltration in combination achieves a large treatment area and more completely removes contaminants in the water. The rejection rate is estimated at 40% of the volume consumed.


Advantages of the 0.02 micron membrane:
- Guaranteed to drink water without bacteria, viruses and Escherchia coli.
- Can be installed on all under sink water purifiers.
- Shelf life of 18 to 24 months.
- Conservation of trace elements and minerals.

Ultra micron filtration is a solution for drinking quality water in places where bacteriological non-compliance is a risk.


Débit membrane                   
Service pressure2.8 Bar
Service temperature5 - 38 °C
Overall lenght298 MM
Diameter48.2 CM
Made inUSA


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