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Reverse osmosis membrane 200 GPD - 2012

Reference - PR-MBAQ-200

Membrane of high production of 757 Liters per day

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MEMBRANE 200 GPD 1812 RO :


High output membrane of 200 Gpd compatible with the domestic membrane housing.

It aims to produce a large amount of water in the day to make available in the tank water osmosis. The Aquapro membrane can replace all brands using the 1812 model.
This membrane can be installed on all osmosors having the model of membrane-housing provided to replace the restrictor at the exit, because it is important to choose the model adaopté to reduce the quantity of water rejected while optimizing on the production in osmotic water.
This membrane uses the most advanced technology and process for making membrane films.
It offers high rejection stability even with high TDS.


Advantages of the 200 GPD membrane :
- High quality for consistent and reliable performance
- Reduced consumption of chemicals and longer life


Application areas :
Restaurants, Aquariums, Main Residence, Hotels, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical, Humidification, Manufacture, Bottled Water, Food Preparation, Ice Makers.

A membrane makes it possible to filter arsenic, ammonium, barium, bicarbonate, lead, bromide, cadmium, calcium, chloride, chromium, fluorine, insecticides, copper, solvent , magnesium, nickel, nitrate, nitrite, pesticides, radium, selenium, silver, sodium, sulphates, tannin, uranium, mercury, zinc and fine sediments.


Dimensions :
Overall length: 298 mm
Diameter: 44.5 mm
Length of the nipples: 22 mm
Body length: 239 mm

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