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Granulated carbon cartridge NLF Twist

Reference - PR-NLF-ACTR

Cartridge carbon screw on head safety

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Small and simple water purifier to fix the sink in the kitchen to drink a chlorine.

The activated carbon cartridge removes chlorine, bad taste, odor , pesticides water.
The cartridge assembly with the filter head is very compact for a minimum of space.
At the entrance and exit of the head, the quick couplings 1/4 inches are used to connect the flexible tube 1/4.
The filter part is composed of activated carbon coconut.


For a complete system , being operating , you must add the following equipment :
- A long reach faucet 1/ 4 inch
- Tube white food 1/4 inch
- Water tap connector
- Fixing cartridge


If you wish, you can also add a prefilter cartridge for sediment.


Features :
Micron : 10 μ
Dimensions :
Length : 268 mm
Width : 70 mm
Weight : 370 grams
Maximum Working Pressure : 7 bar
Maximum water temperature : 30°C


Recommendations :
It is necessary to rinse the cartridge (1 minute) before the first use to remove fine particles leave .
After a prolonged period of non-use, it is recommended to rinse the cartridge for at least 10 seconds.


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