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Filter with Resin Anti-Limestone Twist
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Filter with Resin Anti-Limestone Twist

Reference - PR-NLF-CA

Anti-scale cartridge special safety head

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Anti-scale cartridge with cationic to use on special NLF head resin.

It only filters the limescale in drinking water, as a personal agipersonnel.ssant softener.
The resin contained in the cartridge will be loaded as the limestone. More water is, the more often you need to change the cartridge. If you want to know the exact rate of limestone, just test the hardness of the water with a solution or a strip occasionally.
To install the cartridge, it will just turn it a quarter of an inch into the head of special filtration.


Features :
Micron : cationic resin


Dimensions :
Length : 268 mm
Width : 70 mm
Weight : 350 grams
Maximum operating pressure : 7 bars
Maximum water temperature : 30°C


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