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Cleaner Carbon granulated NLF + Head on sink

Reference - PR-NLF-CAUE

Cartridge carbon screw on head safety

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Carbon filter on sink to purify drinking water from your kitchen faucet.

It is a purifier compact and easy to install on your desktop.
It will connect to your connection screwed bypass your main valve to ensure purified water.
Cartridge activated carbon filter block all chlorinated chemicals, bad taste and odors from a municipal water network.
The water slowly through the carbon filter to flow directly to the gooseneck quarter inch to about 2 liters per minute.

The inlet and outlet of the filter head are equipped with brass fittings quarter inch.


The carbon cartridge is on the water filtration system has one end with an anti-leak, thus making it possible to easily replace all people.
It is a model of ideal filter for single women.

The filter part is composed of activated carbon coconut.
For a complete, in working condition, you must add the following equipment:


- Tube white food 1/4 inch
- Tip of water diversion


It is possible to add a specific set of filtration against nitrates and heavy metals.

Features :
Micron: 10 μ
Length: 268 mm
Width: 70 mm
Weight: 370 grams
Maximum Working Pressure: 7 bar

Maximum water temperature: 30°C


Recommendations :
It is necessary to rinse the cartridge (1 minute) before the first use to remove fine particles leave.
After a prolonged period of non-use, it is recommended to rinse the cartridge for at least 10 seconds.


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