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Compact Purifier Under Sink Triple Impurities - Chlorine - Nitrates
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Compact Purifier Under Sink Triple Impurities - Chlorine - Nitrates

Reference - PR-NLF-TRI

Compact triple filtration drinking water in the presence of nitrates

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Triple filtration to treat city water or drinking water, in order to consume it for cold or hot drink.

This compact purifier can be installed under a kitchen sink where space is limited. It consists of three separate filtrations to remove both impurities, chlorine, odor, heavy metals and nitrates still present after a communal or local treatment. These filters can be replaced in a few seconds, since it is screwed directly on the head.


The first filtration step is to retain suspended solids less than 5 microns, such as soil, algae, sand and dust.
The second step is the cationic resin which aims to fix the nitrate molecules at 100% whatever the rate determined. The life of this cartridge will depend on the amount of water passed. It will be necessary to replace it more often than the other cartridges.
For the last stage, coconut carbon and KDF have the advantages of absorbing chlorine, bad taste, pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals such as mercury, lead or aluminum.

The purifier is equipped with a 1/4 inch inlet with quick connection. To connect it to the cold water supply, the special TE with closing valve ensures water supply and safety when replacing the cartridges.
To fix it to the wooden wall of your kitchen furniture, the steel brackets keep the purifier at a desired height.
To change the cartridges, no need to key, because it is enough to loosen it by hand in effort.


Filtration equipment provided :
- Triple NLF filtration head
- Sediment cartridge
- Anti-nitrate cartridge
- Granulated coal cartridge with KDF
- Fixing brackets
- White food tube 1/4 inch (2 meters)
- 2 1/4 inch quick couplings
- 1 long-range tap

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